Review: Lush Dark Angels

Cost: I ordered this 3.5oz pot for $12.95, it also comes in a larger size. Due to the fact I don't use this product daily and it only requires a small amount each use (a little really does go a long way with this one) I won't need to replace it frequently so the price tag is well worth it.

Smell: On the Lush Cosmetics website there is no description of the scent and I assume because it doesn't have a particular one. It doesn't smell like charcoal in case you were wondering, that'd be gross. It just smells... clean? I'm struggling to explain this! The only thing that come to mind is that it reminds me of limes, or at least thats what I think it does. Sorry this isn't much help.

Best Uses: Facial Exfoliant, Oily Skin

Pros/Cons: This is the best exfoliant I've tried. Usually they're either too harsh or don't remove the build-up form my skin. When I used this product my skin felt baby soft. It removed all the build-up and makeup without taking a layer of skin with it. Even though the jar says 'facial cleanser' the black sugar in it definitely makes it an exfoliant. I don't recommend using it daily--I use it once a week. Another really cool thing (if you order online) any of the pots with the white portion of the label like the one below can be recycled at the Lush store. If you bring five empty and clean pots you get a fresh face mask free. It doesn't just look black, it is black. Due to the charcoal in it when you add water it turns into a black paste that can get kind of messy, but won't make or break the product.

Does it work? Dark Angels gets rid of all the build-up on my face (which is a lot considering I have oily skin) without leaving my face raw and feeling like I just peeled a layer of my skin off.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely! My favorite facial exfoliant I've used so far. I even have my roommate hooked too.

Rating: A+



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