Winter Blues

It's winter and I'm wearing blue, cliché title? Maybe or maybe not. I actually do have winter blues because I am no fan of snow and definitely not a fan of the cold! I admit, it looks pretty when it's fresh, but not pretty enough to make me want to spend any amount of time in it. Quite ironic considering I'm from the Chicago suburbs and this past week it hit record low temperatures (-47 degrees with the windchill). I'll be counting down the days until spring as usual--I clearly belong in a warmer climate. Until next time, stay warm.

O U T F I T  D E T A I L S:
Scarf: Handmade (similar here)
Jacket: Bar III
Jeans: HM
Bracelet: BCBG
Ring: Pandora
Photos c/o Adrián Juárez



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