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Most girls I know obsess over their hair. Some spend hours in the salon, others wake up early just to make sure it looks just right befor...

Most girls I know obsess over their hair. Some spend hours in the salon, others wake up early just to make sure it looks just right before they step out the door. I'm not one to obsess over my hair--in a way. I do get regular hair cuts and color for upkeep with the occasional panic if I'm too long over due. I am also very specific about the products I use, when I use them. More than likely I've mentioned before how much I hate getting ready.
If you haven't noticed already, I am pretty bias about product brand. I have long, semi-thick, flat hair that gets pretty oily. As with everything else in my life, when I find something that works I find it hard to experiment with something different. I go to a Paul Mitchell hair salon in my hometown, which is where I found most of these wonderful products. These are the products I'm currently using and loving. I've tried many other Paul Mitchell products as well, feel free to ask if you have questions about another product not in this post.
I have no need for an abundance of hair products, I rarely use the few I have. They're in my bathroom for an 'as needed' basis. Forever Blonde Damage Repair serum is one of the newer editions to my hair care routine. It's great because it keeps my hair luscious and healthy even through the chemicals and heat, plus it smells amazing! My basic hair care routine is simply washing and conditioning roughly every other day. I use Tea Tree Lemon Sage shampoo and conditioner regularly. On the occasion I feel like I need a deep clean or deep condition I switch up my products. Tea Tree Special is my favorite shampoo for a deep clean because it leaves my scalp tingling with a minty sensation, sounds weird but you'd love it if you tried it. Every once in awhile, even with my oily hair, I feel I need a deep conditioning treatment to restore the moisture to my hair--especially in the winter months. I actually just purchased the Biolage Matrix Colorcare Bloom Masque, I haven't even used it yet! I've been searching for a hair mask and reading tons of reviews. This one was rated 5/5 stars, so I'm hoping it lives up to it's reputation.
On that rare occasion I need something more in my routine I have a few items in my arsenal. Round Trip curl defining serum to apply to my damp hair on the days I plan to use one of my handy dandy curling irons. Hot Off The Press heat protectant hairspray usually goes hand and hand with this serum. For someone who doesn't use much product this is perfect, a heat protectant and hairspray in one. When I want sleek straight hair I grab Super Skinny smoothing serum. Tough knots, not a problem for Lite Detangler. A summer favorite, but my least used product is sea salt spray. I have Not Your Mother's Beach Babe. I'm not 100% in love with this one, but it's also not something I've spent a lot of time with. The last hair product to my name is Platinum Blonde Shampoo. I'm extremely grateful for this one. If you're blonde you know about 'getting brassy' between color treatments. This is my saving grace for toning my hair and keeping it the blonde I like.

On a side note, I'm happy to share with you that some changes are coming to my blog. If you notice them here and there no big deal--stay tuned for the final fix!
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