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Apparently oil pulling has been around for years, but I'm just hearing about it. Probably because it's gotten a lot of hype recentl...

Apparently oil pulling has been around for years, but I'm just hearing about it. Probably because it's gotten a lot of hype recently. A popular not so new health and beauty trend. The reason I tried it? My mom asked. She saw a blog post via Facebook and sent it over to me to try. I'm willing to try everything... at least once.
What is oil pulling?
Oil pulling is a natural detox remedy. It's of indian decent with many mystical properties. In general it's using a natural oil such as coconut or sesame as a mouthwash. Sounds gross right? You're thinking how in the world does oil clean and detoxify my mouth. It's not as bad as you think and it's been proven to work in many ways for many people.

What are the benefits of oil pulling?
Oil pulling has be said to whiten teeth while removing bacteria (detoxifying) from the mouth. Each time you do this you're removing a large portion of plaque and bacteria. From your trips to the dentist you know too much plaque is a bad thing. Especially if you're like me and have to force yourself to floss--it's such a pain. Oil pulling can pull congestion and loosen your sinuses. It will strengthen your gums and clear up your skin. It has been reported to help people with skin conditions as it helps you to take better care of your immune system. If I wrote all the ways people have benefitted from oil pulling I'd need to write a book. Everyone is different so you'll have to try to find out exactly how it will benefit you.

How does one 'oil pull'?
Oil pulling is far from complicated. All you need to do is put about a tablespoon of organic coconut or sesame oil (the more pure the better) and swish it around for ten to twenty minutes. Twenty minutes is the most beneficial time range. It's enough time to break down the plaque and bacteria without reabsorbing it. It's not meant to cause stress on your jaw so if you're feeling like your jaw is getting tired you are probably using too much force so try to relax a bit. Avoid swallowing the oil. It's not going to kill you if you do, but you're trying to remove toxins not bring them into the body. It is recommended to do this each morning after you wake up before eating or drinking in order to get the most out of it. If needed you can do it before each meal. Once the twenty minutes is up spit the now opaque white liquid into the trash. If you spit it into the sink it can solidify and cause plumbing issues. Then rinse your mouth thoroughly and brush your teeth--that's it!

My opinion and the changes have I noticed.
The first thing I will say is the first time I did this it was unusual. I absolutely cannot stand the solid coconut oil in my mouth. I'm a texture freak when it comes to foods so this was pushing my limits. After just two days I noticed my teeth feeling smoother. I have a permanent retainer on my lower teeth and it often catches a lot of plaque build-up. Since oil pulling plaque getting stuck in that area has been less of an issue. As for other bodily changes I can't say much, yet. I eat primarily healthy and have a routine exercise schedule. I take my daily vitamins and switch up my beauty regimen so my hair and skin don't become immune to my favorite products. This being said, I can't pin point if the oil pulling is changing any bodily functions or if it's my lifestyle that has these effects.
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