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Let's face it. Some beauty products just don't give you the bang for you buck nor do you want to waste money experimenting. If you r...

Let's face it. Some beauty products just don't give you the bang for you buck nor do you want to waste money experimenting. If you read blogs or go on Pinterest chances are you've been thrown in the world of DIY. From food and crafts to decor and beauty products it seems like there is always something somewhere about substituting store bought things for homemade ones--usually for half the price too! It's true I prefer natural products, especially with my tricky oily hair and skin. They just seem to work better for me, but the real catch is I am a broke college student. I don't have the time or the money to experiment with every product under the sun with my fingers crossed that maybe, just maybe, one of them will work. The best part of beauty hacks is half the stuff used to make them you already own and if you don't.. it'll probably be less than $10 to buy. Below are the hacks I've tried and whether I think they are a must or a bust followed by a list of one's I plan to try soon.

Hacks I've Tried: Must or bust?

Vitamin E oil for wrinkles & scars.
  • Must! Although I haven't tried it consistently on big scars and have only been using it for a couple of weeks I do notice a difference. I advise you put this on in the evening before bed. It helps moisturize the skin by getting deep into the fine lines. Not only will it help with the current appearance of your scars and wrinkles it is said to help prevent them as well!
Baby powder as dry shampoo.
  • Must and bust, depending on your hair color. Dry shampoo can be expensive and finding one that actually works tends to be a pain--the first one I bought made my hair feel and look dirtier. The only problem with baby powder is if you have dark hair it shows, a lot.
Tea Tree Oil as acne spot treatment.
  • Must! This is my saving grace. I've had such an issue with acne and no luck with any topical treatment. I see a dermatologist yearly and have prescription medication to control my acne but still get some annoying spots one of my favorite youtubers mentioned that she uses tea tree oil to control her acne so I decided to give it a try. To my surprise my spots were less red and definitely smaller after one use!
Cheap conditioner as shaving cream.
  • Must! Conditioner works just as well as shaving cream, for me anyway. It also leaves my legs super soft so why pay more than double when I can pick up a cheap conditioner for $1.
Coconut or Olive oil as a hair masque.
  • Bust. There's many variations to how you can do this, but none have worked for me. It's possible that it is because my hair tends to get oily quickly and since it's blonde it shows more. When I need a deep condition I opt for a treatment at my salon or a salon grade hair masque. Every time I've used oils my hair doesn't feel amazingly moisturized, in fact sometimes it is really hard to comb out after a shower. Not to mention the struggle of getting ALL the oil out.
Baking soda, lemon, and peroxide to whiten teeth.
  • Must! Like every other whitening treatment it can't be done daily--it's just not good for your enamel. I haven't tried professional whitening at my dentist because it's so pricey, although I'd really like too one day! White strips and whitening gels make my teeth extremely sensitive and it takes a long time for the sensitivity to go away, but I drink a lot of coffee so whitening toothpaste alone doesn't cut it. This little concoction keeps my teeth their whitest white without the hassle or the big price tag.
Hacks To Try:
  • Earl Gray tea for sunburn relief.
  • Sugar & Apricot oil lip scrub.
  • Activated charcoal to whiten teeth.
  • Coffee grounds, brown sugar, and olive oil body scrub.
  • Whipped coconut oil body butter.
If you've tried any hacks I haven't or know of more that I haven't listed here send me a message and tell me all about it! xx.
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  1. Thanks Katelyn! Although I kinda "lusted" after the coco hair mask. Excited to try the Vitamin E!

    1. Glad it worked for you, my hair was not having it!