Don't drink your calories. Have you heard that before? Health obsessed people don't just say that because of the abundance of sugar and syrups in most "soft drinks" now a days, but those calories are empty calories--meaning you're taking them in but your body has no use for them. Generally soft drinks can include anything that's not water even though we usually do not refer to tea, milk, or juice as such. Granted drinks such as milk are good, in limited amounts. The big bad guy here is pop (or soda whichever word you prefer) and sugary juices--the unnecessary. Now don't take this as me saying you should never, ever drink anything but water for the rest of your life; everything is fine in moderation, but water is by far the better alternative. Use those calories on other sources to get the nutrients your body needs! Another positive note for cutting out sugary drinks is clearer skin and weight loss, in case you needed a little more motivation.
I'm one of the few that actually prefer water to any other beverage. I will admit sometimes it gets a little boring. If you're like me and love water, but want to mix it up or if you're one of the bunch who doesn't like the taste, or absence, of water then try some of my favorite fruit infusion combos! There are so many variations when it comes to infusing your water, these just happen to be a few I've tried and loved so far.
Ingredients I used: oranges (mandarin), lime, strawberries, lemon, cucumber, and mint leaves. After cleaning and slicing your ingredients pick your mix and add it to some water. The longer the fruit sits prior to drinking the more flavor it will have!
My favorite recipes:

  • Lemon Water
  • Strawberry/Cucumber Water
  • Cucumber/Mint Water
  • Lemon/Mint Water
  • Strawberry/Orange/Mint Water
  • Lemon/Lime
  • Lemon/Cucumber/Mint
Recipes to try:
  • Strawberry/Mint Water
  • Pineapple/Mint Water
  • Strawberry/Kiwi Water
  • Strawberry/Cantaloupe Water
  • Orange/Lemon/Lime (Citrus) Water

Let me know what your favorite infusion recipes are! xx.
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