Summer Essentials 2014

Other than the basic sunscreen and flip-flops everyone has their own summer essentials, myself included. I decided before summer ends--wh...

Other than the basic sunscreen and flip-flops everyone has their own summer essentials, myself included. I decided before summer ends--while there is still some time left, I'd compile a list of my top summer essentials. These are all things I don't go a day without using! On a side note, there are other essentials in my summer routine not mentioned but that doesn't mean they're not important; like sunscreen! Protecting your skin should obviously be your number one priority I'm just in the process of trying out a new brand and before I throw it on my must-haves list and I'd like to get a few more uses out of it to make sure it's actually worth it. If you are interested in what I've tried and am currently trying; I previously used Aveeno sunscreen on my sensitive acne prone skin but currently I'm trying out Supergoop because I found even with the sensitive formula Aveeno was still too heavy on my skin. Without further adieu, my list of summer essentials:
  1. Instant Film Camera (Fujifilm Instax Mini)
    • They're just more fun then digital cameras--what's cooler than a polaroid wall of summer memories?
  2. Self Tanner (Bondi Sands Dark Tanning Foam)
    • Like I said, protecting your skin is super important but if you still want that dark summer tan use a self tanner. Bondi Sands is my absolute favorite--it goes on dark, not orange, and lasts for about a week. It's not insanely pricey like similar quality brands either!
  3. Maui Babe Browning Lotion
    • I came across this years ago at a surf shop in South Florida and haven't been without it since. When I spend a day by the pool I slather this on top of my sunscreen to optimize my sun kissed glow.
  4. Bikinis! (Triangl Penny Wanderlust - as pictured)
    • No summer is complete without spending some time by the pool or the beach. The Triangl Penny Wanderlust is one of my new swimsuits this year. Some other brands I've been loving are San Lorenzo, Mary Grace Swim, Tavik, and Frankie's Bikinis.
  5. Hats (Brandy Melville Black Floppy Hat N/A - similar)
    • Hats are such a chic way to protect your face... and not do your hair. I've been adding more to my collection. I recently picked up this black floppy hat to add a new style into my wardrobe other than the classic fedora.
  6. Translucent Powder (Bare Minerals Pressed Powder)
    • I have super oily skin add the humidity and blotting papers can't keep up. I carry a little translucent powder compact with me to fight off excess shine.
  7. Waterproof Mascara (Bare Minerals Flawless Definition)
    • My usual mascara, Benefit They're Real, doesn't come in a waterproof formula--even though it's staying power is pretty intense I need something I can throw on when I'm spending the day by the water. I actually got this as part of a set (which I only bought because I wanted the makeup bag shh...) and I actually like it. It's a natural look that doesn't make my long eyelashes look fake but makes them stand out in a good way.
  8. BB Cream (Lancome Bienfait Teinte Beauty Balm)
    • Foundation + me + summer = no. It will never work, it'll melt right off and who wants to wear all that in the summer anyway? Not me that's for sure. I rarely wear makeup in the summer, or at all for that matter, as is. When I do need a little more coverage I use this light BB cream, which has sunscreen in it--bonus, and set it with a little bit of powder.
  9. Bright iPhone Case (Clique - as pictured)
    • Even in the summer I cling to my basics, so like I've mentioned before, I let my accessories do the talking. I've gotten so much use, and compliments, out of this bright floral phone case!
  10. Water Bottle (Camelbak Eddy)
    • Keeping hydrated is always important (it's good for your skin too), but buying water bottles can get expensive fast. I invested in a couple BPA-free water bottles that I can refill with filtered water. One of my favorites is the Camelbak Eddy, it has a rad bite straw so you don't have to tip it to drink.
  11. Lip Balm (Burt's Bees)
    • I am a lip balm addict no matter what the season I absolutely hate dry lips.
  12. Sunglasses (Ray-ban Original Wayfarer)
    • One of the obvious. I actually have quite the little collection of sunnies but it's always good to have a quality staple pair, especially for driving.
  13. Hair UV + Heat Protectant (Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Primer)
    • You already know using heat on your hair can damage it, but just like with your skin the UV rays from the sun can damage your hair too (and if you dye your hair at all like I do it can make your color fade faster--yikes). I got this combination heat and UV protectant spray at the beginning of summer to save my strands and so far it has been a success. It also helps keep my hair soft, smooth, and smelling great.

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