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Every time I stop into West Elm I rekindle my love for interior design. When I was younger I used to obsess over drawing out room layouts...

Every time I stop into West Elm I rekindle my love for interior design. When I was younger I used to obsess over drawing out room layouts and playing Sims, not for the actual game--just to build and decorate houses. Now, years later, I look at the architecture of homes (especially the modern ones in my Chicago neighborhood) and decor as art. I find it absolutely fascinating and I always view interior design as 'fashion' for your home. From my very first time living away from my parents, when I was dorming my freshman year of college, the thing I looked forward to most and planned for months was how I was going to arrange and decorate my living space. As I moved from a dorm to various apartments the anticipation never changed. Now, at twenty-one years old, I'm starting to not only find myself in the sense of personal style, but the vibe I love in my home. Today I stopped into West Elm for matters other than shopping around which will be mentioned in the near future. As I roamed the store I started to envision my next space. With another move around the corner I'm anxiously planning how I'm going to make the next place my home. I love the mix of modern and vintage style pieces, but pieces of such opposing ends of the spectrum need to be mixed with caution. Today, my eyes settled on this gorgeous regal blue velvet studded throw pillow; I'm a sucker for throw pillows. Suddenly this amazing thing happened, my mind began to race as I noticed an assortment of other pieces in the store that would ultimately piece together the perfect living space. While in that short, amazing moment I envisioned my entire future living room others wandered aimlessly browsing random pieces. I couldn't imagine not being a visual person, it truly is a gift that can be used in all forms. Now to end my rambling here is the living room inspiration my creative little mind came up with in a blink of an eye.

Sleek and simple geometric accents in metals, stones, and studs inspired by the coloring of different marbles. Clean cut base furniture contrasting in both black and white with accents of regal blue, platinum and iron mixed texture and size throw pillows tie in shabby vintage style pieces with sleek modern sophistication.
All photos and products are from West Elm as seen in West Elm Chicago.
FTC: This post is not sponsored.
SIDE NOTE: I just noticed that the (high resolution) photos, once uploaded to my blog, a reducing quality significantly and appear slightly grainy. I have no idea why this is happening, but I am working on finding a solution until my total blog makeover. In the mean time I apologize about the poor quality.

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  1. Those pillows are just pretty! And the it so much! Well, in general, I love all of the items you picked here. You have a great taste!

  2. Amazing ♥ Would you consider doing an apartment or room tour? I love your style!

    1. If you want to see it I could totally work on filming a room tour! The only reason I'm not going to do an apartment tour is because I live with my cousin right now so everything else is hers and doesn't reflect my interior design style. (: