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Monograms  ||  Scarfs  ||  Boots  || Braids ( how to ) ||  Stones Every single time I have a busy/stressful week I crave some free t...

Monograms || Scarfs || Boots || Braids (how to) || Stones
Every single time I have a busy/stressful week I crave some free time to sit with a cup of coffee and blog. This week started out rough, thankfully easing up over time. Now that it's Friday I found my free moment before I go back to hitting the books (I have a homework pile the size of a small mountain) and doing every other thing on my weekend to do list, including my cousin's wedding. The best part about being in my hometown after a rough week is the abundance of puppy kisses and cuddles. My little ball of fur never fails to make the day better. While (sadly) I didn't have time to shoot outfits this week I have been well aware of this years fall trends making their way around--these five just happen to be my favorites. Layers, and a lot of them, are always typical as the seasons change. Similar to my own view of sprucing up an outfit with accessories this year seems to be the time to spruce up the seasonal transition with them. Literally perfect for me. It's clear I will be using... and maybe abusing, these fall trends. What fall trends are you loving?

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  1. I definitely want to try the reverse french braid trend! It's such a great twist to a classic hair style!


    1. Give it a try, it's actually a lot easier than I thought it would be! I also learned the style has a name they're considered "Dutch braids"