Basic vs. Blogger

There's something about a blogger's style (not referring to myself in third person, simply meaning style bloggers as a whole) that most of us crave. What is it about them that just oozes cool? Why can't every outfit we throw together be simply amazing, but not over the top? Questions even as a style blogger I still question. Honestly, theres no such thing as a perfect outfit mostly because there is such thing as an opinion. Everyone views things differently and I can guarantee you every style blogger there is has had at least one outfit they look back and think wasn't the best choice.
Yet when scrolling through Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr or basically any photo heavy site there are just some 'outfit posts' that really stand out. Usually, with a little research, I find that the people in these photos are bloggers. What is it about the blogger title that makes these outfits look so much better? What I've come to conclude as I enter the blogging world more and more each day is it is not the title, it is the person; no not because they're prettier, have more money to buy designer clothes, or have a better body. It is not physical.
From hours of blog shoots they know multiple poses to show off their look in the most presentable way. They love what they do from the inside out and it really shows. It also helps to have knowledge of things like styling and lighting while photographing. Do your research, ask questions! Your photos can be just as amazing and the one's you spend hours browsing through online. Just a little inspirational pep talk for all my friends and readers alike.
Take care, xx

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Bloggers Pictured:
Julie - Sincerely Jules
Aimee - Song of Style



  1. This is so spot on. Bloggers look so amazing in every outfit post, but they put so much thought and effort into what they do because they love what they do!



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