The Bralab

While finals are less than a week away school is getting insanely hectic. The good new is after they're over I have about a month off and plan to dedicate all my time between work, the gym, and of course here on the blog! A little over a month ago I worked with a few friends to shoot lifestyle/styling photos for a new line they developed called The Bra Lab which is basically the coolest bra I've ever seen... aside from the annual multi-million dollar bejeweled Victoria's Secret fashion show one's, but who can afford those any way. These on the other hand, are affordable and creative. The concept is basically you customize your own bra with fun straps and bands. Here's a few snaps of Carissa (from Blonde and Something) and myself in the collection.

You can check out all the styles at The Bra Lab or if you're in Illinois they are in both gigi Bottega locations. Talk to you soon!

 photo 71e41347-2dba-427c-b7f3-b5636ec0863d_zpsf65dfae3.jpg

Also, I've teamed up with Carissa (above) and Emma (from With a City Dream) to share three holiday giveaways with you! The first one is currently live over on Emma's blog and you can view more about it on my Instagram.

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