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Before I even start this I want to make one thing clear.  I am not a supporter of "fad diets" of any sort, I believe in tradition...

Before I even start this I want to make one thing clear.  I am not a supporter of "fad diets" of any sort, I believe in traditional exercise and nutrition. That being said, tea is not magic potion; you cannot live  on the couch, eating fast food, and drinking 'skinny tea' and lose ten pounds. That would be great but life is not that easy. However there are tea options with components that support a healthy metabolism/digestive system as well as cleanse and detoxify your body. Before you start questioning if I'm not a fan of these so called weight loss solutions then why am I trying one, there are a ton of companies out there that promote their tea (teatox) as a weight loss solution, Your Tea is not one of them. They clearly state in the description portion on their website "Indirectly, I may assist you shed excess weight simply by restoring your system to a point where it functions properly... From our perspective, achieving optimum weight should come from an overall positive approach to health." I will never discuss or partner with a company that does not instill similar values to my own.
The Company
I've already mentioned the companies values, Your Tea is an honest company. They are not promising a miracle and they are aware results may vary as every one's body responds differently. They have various other tea options aside from the teatox that you can drink daily like your usual tea! Other than the basic facts that you can read on their website, one thing that made the company stand out to me is their various resources. There is a TON of information about their products on the website, customers real results, a simple eating plan, recipes, you name it. If you still have a question you need answered the company is quick to reply through any of their social media as well as their customer service email.
The Tea
Your Tea - Tiny Tea Teatox (14 day)
Ingredients: oolong tea, ju ming zi, he ye, shan zha, and lai fui zi.
*Orignial version contains gluten! If you are gluten intolerant or just prefer things gluten-free there is a separate Tiny Tea Teatox option for that.

Description: Delicately balanced herbs to help cleanse and restore your digestive system. Cleansing your digestive system can also assist in reducing bloat, clearing skin, increase energy, and improve digestive functioning.

The Process
Consumption directions according to the Your Tea website are stated as follows:
  • Drink me 3x daily either 30 minutes before or after meals.
  • Morning, midday, evening.
  • Soak one bag in a cup of boiling water 5-7 minutes at a time.
  • Avoid drinking me with meals or late at night.
  • Hot tip: feel free to add a squeeze of lemon or a dash of honey.
My Experience
My primary decision making factor (for collaborating with Your Tea) was not only the company's values, but I was actually curious to try it after I read other's results compared to what the product has the ability to assist (primarily reduction of bloating and clearing skin) with so long as your body cooperates.

The one thing I will say I didn't like (which is partially my own fault) was there was no directions sheet. There are directions on the website under the Tiny Tea description/information, but if they were in the box with the tea I clearly missed them. That being said I sort of messed up the first day--I decided to have my first glass on a Friday around 3:30p. That clearly doesn't fit the instructions at all considering I didn't eat for several hours before or after and missed the first two teas of the day. We all make mistakes. I did drink another tea (following the directions this time) that evening. I also attempted to follow the directions for the rest of the teatox. I'm really bad at doing things that require timing because my schedule is typically all over the place and I'm usually out during the day and running late in the morning which makes this a complete mission to actually do right.

I have never been a tea enthusiast, I'm more of a coffee gal, but I do like a glass here and there--especially when I'm ill; therefore I can't give you a proper comparison of it to traditional teas such as green or earl grey tea. When I do have a glass I typically add some honey or fresh squeezed lemon juice, I find I like the taste better. While I can enjoy almost any tea with an added touch I was pleasantly surprised when I drank the entire glass plain, in fact, I didn't even notice I didn't add honey or lemon until the glass was near empty.

Finally, the important part. I continued my normal variation of workouts and meals, which have been completely slacking lately, just adding the tea into my typical routine. Fourteen days later my teatox is complete and I can tell you what I think about it. I felt slightly more energized, nothing insane, I wasn't feeling euphoric. What got me super stoked was that I noticed an improvement in my skin. I've mentioned hundreds of times how I have terrible skin no matter what I do, but I did notice my complexion was brighter, less pink/red, and my acne cleared up a bit quicker. The one thing that was disappointing was the lack of bloating reduction, one of the biggest things I was looking forward to. Granted this isn't a promise, everyone is different therefore we all will react in different ways and to be honest that probably has more to do with the insane amount of carbs I eat weekly (Italian people problems?). In the end I'm pretty happy with my experience. I mean hey, I can't complain. I didn't follow the directions perfectly and still saw results which is why I believe that people that do follow it strictly get such amazing results in the end.

The overall experience reminded me of when I did my juice detox. The teatox provides similar results with less intimidating process. So the golden ticket question, would I get the Your Tea teatox again? Maybe; only because I really want to try the other teas first, but I'd take this over the juice detox any day and to be completely honest I'll drink the tea for fun and forget it's a teatox.

 photo 71e41347-2dba-427c-b7f3-b5636ec0863d_zpsf65dfae3.jpg

Your Tea | Also available outside the U.S.A.

FTC: Your Tea Teatox was sent to be by the company to try and share my experience. All opinions are my own, I am not being compensated in any way.

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