Winter Struggles

I'm not a winter person nor have I ever been... that I know of anyway. I will complain my way through the winter months year after year until I finally get out of this state to someplace, preferably, with limited seasons. By limited seasons I mean fifty degrees at the absolute coldest. That being said every winter is a struggle for me, but this one has just been sucking to the extreme. It started off great, in December it was like we didn't even have a winter and then it hit and it hit hard. I find myself reaching for the same things over and over recently; I'd even say they're helping me survive. Since the bitter cold hit I've been suffering from unusually dry skin, lips, hair - the whole winter miserable package. Without further ado, here is a few of my winter lifesavers.
Long story short; winter and I have not, do not, will not ever get along. Summer where are you? It's no secret this girl was not cut out for the cold weather life, but until I can pack up and move to wear the sun always shines I'll be layering it up, not in the cute way, and wearing wool socks like they're second skin. 

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