MBFW: New York Collections

Fashion week, or should I say month, what a wonderful time of the year. So many shows to watch and photos to sort through. I spent days, literally, searching through all of the quality photos I could find on the web and pulled some of my favorite looks. Now we know not every thing we see during fashion week is practical... I mean c'mon have the street style guys and gals had to be freezing their butts off, so with that it mind not every piece pictured is wearable in my mind but I appreciate it as an art form as well. While I'm still catching up on the live feed videos of the show (I been in class through most of it) the photos give me a sneak peek. Cheers to another successful NYC fashion week and congratulations to the designers on their amazing work!

with love, xx
 photo 71e41347-2dba-427c-b7f3-b5636ec0863d_zpsf65dfae3.jpg

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the photos above, credit goes to the rightful owner. Photos via Vogue.



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