Blown Away Photo Diary

I'm about to tell you something crazy, I hope you're ready for it. Until yesterday, I have never and I mean ever, gotten a blowout. I know I've been missing out. I've seen the luscious locks on Instagram and Pinterest. Long story short I got "blown away" by getting a beautiful Stevie Undone blowout at Dream Dry in Lincoln Park. I decided to have some 'me' time with a cup o' joe (a latte) and a beautiful hair do just for the heck of it. The place was too cute not to snap photos of so you get a little photo diary of the experience. My stylist was lovely and clearly great at her job, but I felt a tad bad for the poor girl--she definitely was not going to need an arm workout after dealing with my mane. Now my only question is can someone give me a blowout everyday? No? How about twice a week?

 photo 71e41347-2dba-427c-b7f3-b5636ec0863d_zpsf65dfae3.jpg



  1. I got my first blowout a few weeks ago, and let me tell you: LIFE-CHANGING. I feel ya, girl.


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