My style preference, both decor and fashion, has shifted over the years and I'm sure it will continue to change in the days ahead. I am utterly in love with minimalistic home decor that is both modern and what I call shabby chic. While not practical for everyone I would love to dress my home like I dress my body. Clean shades of blacks, grey, and whites with subtle pops of color here and there. My favorite way to add a bit of color to a minimalistic interior design is simple, nature. Terrariums arranged with succulents and bamboo are my preference; mostly because I am the worst at taking care of plants. Marble accessories are also another staple in spicing up a simple decor. I cannot wait for the day I have one hundred percent control over my home design. It is absolutely hilarious to me because even as a child I loved decor. When I was quite young I had a doll house; most little girls like to play dolls in their doll house I however, preferred to rearrange the furniture. As I aged I began playing Sims (which I'd probably still play now if I had it), but I never actually played the game--I don't even know what you are supposed to do. I bought every Sims game and expansion pack just to build and decorate houses. While I don't have my own home, yet, to create the perfect living space I do have Pinterest. I create my very own mood/dream boards to look back on when that day comes. These are just a few of my most recent decor pins but you can check them all out here and here.

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