The Uniform

Last night, like every other night, I found myself laying in bed scrolling through endless social media feeds. This procrastination actuall...

Last night, like every other night, I found myself laying in bed scrolling through endless social media feeds. This procrastination actually had a benefit for once when I landed on this article. It's hard for me to find any articles that truly hit home because I am both in the professional world (kind of - I'm still in school for medicine) but I am also in the creative world when it comes to my blog. Long story short art director Matilda Kahl hit the nail on the head with the daily struggle for women of stressing over what to wear. It may seem so small and unimportant compared to bigger issues in life, but it can actually be quite challenging especially if you are someone like me who is going from here to there nonstop. Without conscious consideration I actually developed my own 'uniform' or two. I only stress about what to wear when I don't grab my typical pieces so why shouldn't I wear the same thing everyday -- figuratively speaking that is, you need to wash your clothes people.

Uniform 1: Class
During the weekdays my life is basically something like... drag myself out of bed by 5am quickly wash my face, brush my teeth, throw on clothes, grab food and coffee then head out the door. I do not do mornings well so waking up extra early to get ready to sit in lecture halls is far from ideal. Once I'm out the door I spend hours in traffic getting to uni just to sit around and listen to professors talk. After walking thousands of steps from class to class it's either off to some activity, a brief meeting (for school), too the gym or all the above. Comfort is key when you're nonstop all day and carrying around a bag for everything would be obnoxious so, when it comes to my weekdays, I typically go for the gym look without shame... which is also why you see ten times more outfit photos in the summer or on breaks than during the school year.

Necessities Include:

 Uniform 2: Presentable
Weekends (when I am not at work) or more generally days off to do whatever I please I'll put a little bit more effort into my look, unless I have an event of some sort you'll never really see me over the top. I still like to be comfortable but while looking put together and presentable. Out of everything in my closet, most of which I should donate, I have my key base pieces that can be dressed up or down with a minimal touch.

Necessities Include:

Great fitting denim and a cozy tee is the ultimate canvas no matter what your style. It fits most occasions except the few that require something more formal. You can dress it up, dress it down, or keep it minimal. I still have my days when I experiment around but I know I always have my trusty go to's in a pinch. I love that throwing on a jacket, some heels, or grabbing a statement bag transforms the look into something completely different with practically no effort.
Basically I'm just lazy when it comes to getting ready, but hey all it's good there is nothing wrong with having a staple look.

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