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Just a quick chat today (hint: a video is in the works) about a fun monthly subscription I signed up for. Anyone who knows me knows jewelr...

Just a quick chat today (hint: a video is in the works) about a fun monthly subscription I signed up for. Anyone who knows me knows jewelry is not the top accessory on my priority list. Partially because I have to take it off to shower, go to the gym, etc but mostly because the good stuff ain't cheap and the cheap stuff doesn't last. When I reach for jewelry it's because my outfit needs a final touch or I'm attending an event therefore, splurging on a piece that will rarely get it's use isn't practical.

Long story short, RocksBox is for gals like me who like jewelry but don't wear it enough to buy every piece or the opposite end of the spectrum girls who can't get enough of designer jewelry. Basically a ever-rotating closet of jewels for you to swap as often as you please. Yes, as often as you please. Each box comes with a set of three pieces fit to your style. RocksBox links you with a stylist based off your style quiz upon registration, my favorite part is browsing their site and Instagram because I can create a wish list of items I want to receive in my boxes.

I didn't get too much wear out of this one with it being the end of the semester school tends to get a bit crazy. I did however pair this gorgeous Perry Street statement necklace with a jersey and ripped up black denim for a night out. I managed to forget to take OOTN photos... oops! But, you can catch a glimpse in the vlog of that night once it's live. As for my other two items, one I wasn't a fan of (not pictured) and the other was an adorable dainty piece that would be perfect for every day wear. As I send my box back for a swap I have the opportunity to purchase piece(s) I love or share with my stylist things that I didn't so she can make the best box for me!

I look forward to receiving my next RocksBox surprise. Now that summer break is here, kind of anyway (I'm taking summer courses), I'll have more time to create content. When my next RocksBox arrives at my door I'll be filming an unboxing/first impressions video and going into a bit more detail about the brand. That being said keep an eye out for the video over on my channel and if you have any questions about RocksBox leave a comment on any of my social media!

Last and probably you're favorite part, RocksBox was kind enough to offer my readers their first month FREE. Just use the code 'katelynmasekxoxo' at checkout and enjoy some glam.
See you real soon!

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RocksBox (official website)

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