Before we get into this post I just want to take a moment to praise the girl above, Rocky Barnes , for being the queen of festival style...

Before we get into this post I just want to take a moment to praise the girl above, Rocky Barnes, for being the queen of festival style this year. Yes, I've just deemed her that. She also went to Lollapalooza this year - I didn't get to see her, but her outfits were on point. They are exactly what I envision when I think festival style. 

Moving on... I you follow me on snapchat then you know I went to Lollapalooza on Sunday the second and likely watched that weekend through a shaky camera lens (my hand literally shakes when I film), if you don't you should - shameless self promotion just scan over the image at the bottom of this post using your phone. That weekend was one of the busiest few days I've had in a long time. Fun busy that is, not work busy because that's all the time! Unfortunately I didn't vlog all of it. Should've, could've, would've, but I didn't. Mostly because I haven't bought an actual vlog camera and carrying around my DSLR in addition to the other mass of stuff I was lugging with me is a hassle. I apologize for not recording everything but here's a little overview of exactly what went down including my Lollapalooza video and some style tips.

Weekend Recap
Friday: My 22nd birthday; a full day of work followed by dinner with my family at Morton's Steakhouse - YUM!
Saturday: Chill morning, then headed to the city for lunch and shopping with Eva. DreamDry for a pre-night out blowout. After my hair was done we scooped up Monika for dinner at Pompeii then headed back to David's to get ready and went out for the night to celebrate my birthday!
Sunday: Early wake-up call then off to the coffee shop to get a few things done. Met up with Ashley and headed for lunch at WeatherMark then LOLLA!

Festival Style
One of my favorite things about events, especially festivals, is stalking the magazines and online posts of all the street style. It's even better to get to observe it in person. Events like this are so huge you never get the chance to see every thing so it's still great to look back through photos to catch things you missed. While looking both the day of and the coverage recaps I pin pointed my top five must haves to create the ultimate festival looks.

  1. Vintage Band Tees
  2. Neutral Colored Tie-dye
  3. Fringe Handbags
  4. Statement Sunglasses
  5. Patterned Pieces
Bonus: I'm also a huge fan of ankle boots and sneakers, I feel like they're the most durable & festival worthy shoe.


Special thank you to Sprint for partnering with me and sending me to Lollapalooza! Although I'm from the area this was my first time ever attending the festival and it surely won't be my last. I had an amazing time.

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