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Hello and welcome back! It's been quite a long time - too long if I say so myself. A lot has happened since my last official post a...

Hello and welcome back! It's been quite a long time - too long if I say so myself. A lot has happened since my last official post announcing my hiatus as I finished uni, for starters, I am officially alumni to the University of Illinois at Chicago. I graduated in early May but have been spending some time adjusting and working on my pile of tasks I didn't have time for while I was in school. My schedule is still hectic here and there. I'm convinced the freedom I dreamed of post graduation was just a figment of my imagination. That being said it's time to stop saying tomorrow and start doing today. I love my blog (and budding YouTube channel) more than anything and would love to be doing this full time but that takes a whole lot of effort, dedication, time, and hard work.

As I hop back into the swing of things and work on creating regular scheduled posts and videos I want to take a moment to thank you for following along on my journey. There are big things to come and I cannot wait to make them happen. Over on my YouTube channel I posted a little vlog-esque video highlighting clips of what I've been up to while I was away. I received a vlog camera as a Christmas gift and have been dying to put it to use.
Before we get into the regular programming I want to take a moment to chat with you, my internet friends, as I would with my friends I grew up with about some things you'll be noticing over the next few months. I am working on a re-vamp for my site and a big one. This will take time, research, and a budget on my part so it won't be rolling out right away. With this big re-vamp I am going to be moving my blog from blogger to Square Space. For me this move allows me more creative freedom to my site design and endless opportunities to expand in the future. I run another site on the platform for my Dad's business and have thoroughly enjoyed working on it. I know many successful and larger bloggers make their big move to Wordpress but honestly that site just frightens me and doesn't seem like the fit I'm looking for right now. What this means for you is you'll see a more interactive but still user friendly site. My blog is my own little corner of the internet and I always want it to be something I am proud of... and find aesthetically pleasing. Along with switching to Square Space my comments will now be hosted via Disqus which does require an account (you can sign up with Facebook, Google, etc.). Numerous publishers including Rolling Stone, WeWoreWhat, and People rely on Disque for their commentary section. I am opting for this switch because Disqus makes engagements between you and I or between readers easier!

Other than the big visual change and the comments swap to Disqus my content will not be changing. You'll still see my personal style, beauty favorites, travels, and beyond. Traditionally I referred to myself as a life + style blogger, but I'm finding my niche to be within the lifestyle category. As you may have noticed I post a little bit of everything and that little bit of everything is the online version of me! Now enough of my rambling, if you even made it this far! Check out my "Where I've Been" mini vlog below and leave comments here or on any of my social media to tell me what you're looking forward to seeing more of on my blog & channel!

Until next time, xx

 photo 71e41347-2dba-427c-b7f3-b5636ec0863d_zpsf65dfae3.jpg

PS. If you'd like to see what an example of a Square Space blog or Disqus check out my friend Emma's lovely blog With a City Dream.

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