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Katelyn Masek is a twenty something influencer based in Chicago, IL. As recent graduate of the Sports Medicine (Kinesiology) program at the University of Illinois at Chicago she is on a journey to find a career she loves where she can share her passions and inspire the world. From a young age she developed a love for fashion and creating her own style. Katelyn believes personal style is the freedom to express who you are. She documents her health & fitness tips, day-to-day activities, beauty, travels, and personal style on both Katelyn Masek the blog and her numerous other social channels.

  • Are you naturally blonde?
    • Yes! My natural hair is mixed shades of darker blonde.
  • What is your hair color/how do you dye it?
    • I get it done professionally and it has been dyed multiple times different ways I couldn't tell you exactly. If there is a specific color of my hair you want to know about send me a message or leave a comment and I can ask my colorist!
  • Do you wear extensions?
    • I do not wear extensions.
  • Do you wear false lashes?
    • No, I was blessed with long curly lashes. I do get them tinted black.
  • Why don't you study fashion?
    • Although I love fashion, I also love fitness and athletics. When I decided to take the college route I felt it was best to choose a secure and growing career path.
  • What is your nationality?
    • Italian & Bohemian (European, currently Czech Republic)
  • Are you from Chicago?
    • I grew up in the suburbs roughly a half hour from the city.

The Blog
A small idea with a big future founded in July 2013. Created as a creative outlet to express day-to-day activities. Katelyn enjoys sharing her personal style, travels, and life in hopes to inspire others.

As an avid dreamer and creative thinker Katelyn continues to come up with new ideas for future expansion. Buckle up, the ride has just begun!

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